Taking an integrated solution to market



Structured Real Estate practice of a top 20 UK law firm.


  • Developments in the market had opened up an opportunity for an integrated solution drawing on skills from different practice groups within the firm. A team of individual specialists had begun working together to exploit this opportunity.
  • A number of other firms had high-profile offerings in the same area.
  • So far, the team had been participating rather than competing in the market. A step change was required to achieve ambitious growth targets [35% growth in three years] and become a leader in the market.
  • The proposition needed to be taken to market fast and effectively to win clients and build profile while there was still space for a new player.

What we did:

  • Helped to validate and scope the opportunity, drawing out clear requirements and objectives for the project, and helping shape the group strategy.
  • Worked with a small team of partners and senior associates over three months.
  • Focussed attention on identifying and understanding the real client needs as a foundation for the proposition.
  • Identified a prioritised list of targets.
  • Through workshops and working sessions, identified and articulated a clearly differentiated proposition based around the strengths of the team and the firm.
  • Built a tailored sales process and supporting tools.
  • Defined a clear delivery process, including a new approach to pricing.
  • Developed specific hooks that would help to open doors with key targets.
  • Provided coaching and training for the project team to enable them to put theory into practice


  • Within first week of the project, gave the team a clear message to share internally and externally – this built their confidence and delivered positive results immediately.
  • Provided a model for the team to work together in an integrated way – and present themselves in this way to clients.
  • Made developing clear and compelling proposals and pitches – and clear costing – easier and quicker.
  • Built internal awareness and respect for the initiative – supporting cross selling.
  • Delivered high-quality new business wins – within a month of drafting the key elements of the proposition, the team won a job worth up to £1million of fees.

Head of Structured Real Estate

“Now I really understand what I’m selling. We wouldn’t have won the big XXX job if it wasn’t for this project. This is really exciting.”


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